Placenta + More Encapsulation

$50.00 - $150.00

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Restores natural hormonal balance and iron levels
Decreases the risk of baby blues and postpartum depression
Increases energy levels
Increases breast milk production
Decreases postnatal bleeding
Helps restore the womb back to its pre-pregnancy size

Placenta & More ~ $150
+ Placenta Capsules & Cord Keepsake
+ Two Postpartum Herbal Blends

Choice of Herbal Blends, please choose 2, and enter your choices in the note section at checkout. Thank you.

-Postpartum Herbal Tea to help nourish the body

-Postpartum Sitz Bath to assist with postpartum healing

-Garden Oil for hair and skin

**Please Note: Oils are made in small batches. Please let me know ahead in advance if you are interested. Thank you.

*Choose option #1 to pay full price
*Choose option #2 for deposit only
*Choose option #3 for 1st payment
*Choose option #4 for 2nd payment

IMPORTANT: I request a non-refundable fee of $50 due at signing of contract, balance is due before I take the placenta for processing (24-48 hour delivery window). Payment plans are available. Details and processing of the placenta process are explained in the contract. Service is provided in the Jacksonville, Florida and surrounding areas. Please note if location is outside of Jacksonville, Fl, there will be a traveling fee. Thank you.

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