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Calendula Salve


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My herbal remedies are specific in their offerings of healing. Small batches are made intuitively with love & honoring the elemental energies of Mother Earth.
 2 oz salves are made with herbal infused oils using the solar method. Salves are made with herbal infused oils from my garden & has a softer consistency to penetrate the skin more deeply.

Uses: For skin problems, Calendula works to reduce inflammation and promotes healthy tissue regeneration. Examples: Diaper rash, soothes cracked nipples from breastfeeding, rashes, insect bites/stings, wounds, & abrasions. Calendula salve doesn't have any scent or essentials oils added.

Please Note: Calendula shares a loving space in my garden, depending on the season it will organically sourced from other areas.

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